Investing safely and with knowledge

Investing requires security to guarantee the best economic result. We are especially qualified to provide legal support in real estate investment and urban planning operations.

Our team is also extremely qualified and dedicated to providing legal advice in the commercial activity of its Clients, especially linked to the registration of patents and acts of intellectual property, data protection, copyright and image rights, in the most diverse sectors of activity.

Buying a house is certainly one of the most important decisions in life. In this business, buyers, sellers, builders, promoters and mediators are involved.

  • Legal support throughout the business process and implementing solutions for monetization, protection and defense of real estate assets (leasing; local accommodation; real estate investment funds).
  • Tax planning in the purchase of real estate and its valuation.

Business life is dynamic and constantly evolving.

  • Creation of companies, drafting of articles of association and social pacts, social deliberations, divisions, dissolutions and mergers of companies.
  • Support in the acquisition of companies, goods, services and assets.
  • All company registration acts.


The media and information technologies are part of our daily lives.

  • National and international registration of trademarks and patents.
  • Defense of intellectual property processes.

Editorial publications, scientific and art works, are creations subject to legal protection.

  • Registration of copyright.
  • Intellectual work, licensing or publishing contracts.

Circulation by land and air requires security.

  • Support in the purchase and sale of cars, helicopters and airplanes.
  • Legal opinions, negotiation and drafting of national and international contracts.

Sectors where we act


To fly safely it is necessary to comply with a wide range of regulations, ensuring reliability in the processes of acquisition, transportation, maintenance and sale of aircraft and aeronautical components.

We represent companies in this sector, providing them with the necessary legal answers to their activity


The agricultural sector increasingly uses new technologies to increase its organization, productivity, and competitiveness.

We represent companies in the sector, providing them with the legal answers needed for their activity.

Graphic Arts

A book, a newspaper or a magazine is the result of the creativity of authors, designers, editors, journalists, and graphic technicians.

We advise on the acquisition, transport and sale of machinery, as well as all types of contracts for the provision of graphic services and the protection of copyright and image rights.


The safe movement of people and goods by land is indispensable to economic and social development.

We intervene in the legal procedures of sale, acquisition, and registration of automotive goods.


Financing is fundamental for economic development, and a guarantee for the success of investments.

We provide legal advice and legal representation.


The commercial activity is obliged to innovate procedures and conducts, which can be achieved through adequate and permanent legal counseling.

We provide legal advice and legal representation.


The development of a society is especially demonstrated by the promotion and defense of the various cultural representations.

We prepare legal opinions, negotiate contracts, and perform legal representation.


Agents, players, clubs and SAD's trust their contracts and their disputes to those with legal knowledge and experience.

We negotiate contracts and provide legal representation (judicial and arbitration).


Pharmaceutical distribution plays an indispensable role in providing health care to the entire population.

We provide legal advice and perform legal representation.

Real Estate

Buying a house is surely one of life's most important decisions. Buyers, sellers, builders, developers, and real estate agents are involved in this business.

  • Legal support in doing business and implementing solutions for profitability, protection, and defense of real estate assets (rentals; local accommodation; real estate investment funds).
  • Tax planning in the purchase of real estate and its valuation.


The age-old combination of raw materials, labor, and technology is now added to Industry 4.0. We follow the evolution of this sector.

We provide legal advice and perform legal representation.


Permanent communication, receipt of information and its dissemination are essential features of modern societies.

We provide advisory services ranging from counseling and dispute prevention to litigation.

Public Sector

The regulation of this sector and its compliance with supervision make permanent legal support for its organization and operation indispensable.

We provide advisory, legal, and legal representation.


Risk protection and asset defense is indispensable to safeguard goods and services.

We act in judicial and arbitral litigation.


In today's society there is a profusion of services. Their users are especially interested in knowing them and benefiting from them through their correct provision.

We provide legal advice and legal counseling.


Transport is increasingly associated with the concept of mobility and respect for the environment.

We provide legal advice and legal representation.


Leisure is an integral part of social welfare, and a reflection of economic capacity.

We provide legal advice and legal representation.


Gastronomy is one of Portugal's main calling cards, with thousands of companies, increasingly adapted to the tastes of their clients.

We provide legal advice and legal representation.

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